Counseling Services Provided

I provide counseling services for individuals. I am an eclectic therapist and therefore utilize aspects of a variety of therapeutic models, predominantly Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), experiential and Christian. I have experience with all ages (8 and up), but have  specialized in adolescents over the years. I help clients improve communication skills, express feelings, manage negative and unproductive thoughts, resolve conflict and learn how to relate better to the people around them.   My clients are typically dealing with a variety of issues, including the following:

  • anxiety
  • attentional and learning issues
  • mood difficulties
  • motivational and/or social issues
  • family, marital and/or blended family conflict
  • symptoms related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (but must be able to function in a talk-therapy context)

My Christian faith is a significant part of who I am as a person and a therapist.  The most significant ways this affects my counseling is that I listen with compassion and I offer hope, no matter your situation. I respect each client's beliefs and background and it is never my desire (nor within my ethical responsibilities) to change a person's faith practices. When appropriate and with an invitation or permission, I pray with clients and invite God's presence into the counseling session.

What clients are saying...

“Thanks for all that you did with [our son]. We couldn’t have gotten through it with-out you. He has been doing really well and the end of
school was a success.”

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